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Messages from the People of New South Wales

If you sell off all the public services that make money, the only way to get money into the coffers is to get it directly out of the people. 

Lee-Ann H.

I will never support the privatisation of the electricity network until a better deal is struck to ensure that consumers are not paying such an unreasonable amount for network maintenance and the Governments (State and Federal) boldly provide a realistic commitment to solar & other alternative green energy without fearing pressure from the coal power industry... Please consider our future and the future of NSW beyond your term of office.

Julian D.

Mr Baird I am particularly concerned that whilst you are a vast improvement on many other Liberal leaders around at present, we really do need to see a plan B so that we can appreciate our options more fully.

Many of us are concerned about the pressing need for inner city living issues from affordable housing to transport and schools and, what YOU might be able to do should your planned sale of public utilities not go ahead.

Unless these issues are addressed in a much more bipartisan fashion the good work done to date will be lost in unnecessary polarisation over issues that are too important. Where there is a shared consensus corruption to win tenders, contracts and the like become pointless. Please sit down with all sides of politics and the expert planners and futurologists and let's do something really smart for this State.

Not all bad - thanks for the stability and your sense of humour.

Carol Y.

How will the government pay for essential services in the years to come once we no longer receive any income from our electricity network?

Sjidney M.

We came here from South Australia and our friends in Adelaide are shocked at the consequences of the 'sell off' there. Please don't repeat that mistake here in NSW. Once gone - gone forever!

Annette B. & Steve H.

I fundamentally believe that essential services should NEVER be sold to private owners. This puts at risk the provision of these essential services if the private owners/shareholders decide they are no longer profitable. Electricity provision is a pre-eminent essential service, and neither its generation nor the poles and wires should be sold off by the NSW government.

Mary Jane H.

The government is elected to carry out the will of the electorate, and not for those who wish to monopolise our utilities.

Peter H.